LINQ To XSD usage scenario question

Apr 30, 2010 at 7:17 AM


I am totally new to world of linq :). I have larger number of xml data source (may be 7000 or more). There data doesnt change so frequently. the data sources have different xsd. XSD are complex, so I am not able to generate dataset from it (usin xsd tool)

I wanted to store the data in the database, and give user the opputunity to change the data when they want.

My idea is -

1. Use linqtoxsd to generate classes, load the xml in the classes, and store the data in the database.

but i dont know how to use the generated classes to store infromation in the database, is storing complete xml in the database a good idea, how will i allow multiple users to change different part of the xml at the same time

Can anybody please suggest me some ways.